Updated contacts and emails EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1

As part of our rebranding from Logos IT Solutions to Fireside IT Partners we have updated our contact information.  The e-mail changes are effective September 1 2023.

Rest assured, our phone numbers remain unchanged, so you can reach out to us without any hassle:

Support / Main Office Phone Number: 587-424-2502

Tim’s Direct Number: 587-424-2500

(For matters related to billing, accounts, sales, and other inquiries)

Our email addresses have been updated to align with the new brand. Here’s a breakdown of our new email addresses:

For Support Requests, Purchase or Quote Inquiries, General Assistance: [email protected]

(Note: [email protected] will still be operational for 6 months)

For Billing/Invoicing Questions or E-Transfers for Payments: [email protected]

(You can still reach us at [email protected] for 6 months)

Please ensure all support requests are sent to [email protected] This will help prevent any missed or delayed responses, ensuring your issues receive the prompt attention they deserve. 

If in doubt, email [email protected] and the question will get to the right person.